Inergise Training regularly run workshops and events from our base in Littlehampton and various beautiful locations around the South Downs. 

From day retreats to weekend workshops, the sessions offer a more in depth focus on fitness, health and wellbeing. Our workshops are informative, covering specific areas of fitness that we know our clients want to learn more about. Events include morning mud runs and beach-burn bootcamps for the energetic, fitness day retreats and spa mornings for the more relaxed! 

Calisthenics Workshops with School of Calisthenics

16th March 2019, Crossfit Lineside, Littlehampton

We are privileged to be joined by Jacko and Tim from School of Calisthenics for two workshops this Spring. These guys literally know everything about Calisthenics and will be guiding us through the steps from the basic beginner moves to progressive steps to develop your skills. If you haven’t already, click on the logo to check them out and then get in touch to book your space!


Beginners Calisthenics Workshop, 10 - 12pm


Learn all the basic foundation movements to help you get started on your calisthenics journey, whatever your level. Tim & Jacko from the School of Calisthenics are passionate about helping others get started on their Calisthenics journey. In their beginner workshops they will guide you through all the fundamentals of the training style in simple and practical ways.

The workshop will cover the following areas:

1. CORE PRINCIPLES : Engagement, control and importance for within calisthenics

2. PUSHING AND PULLING PRINCIPLES : Education of correct and effective ‘setting’ of the shoulders for pushing and pulling movements

3. INTRODUCTION TO KEY CALISTHENICS MOVEMENTS : Hand Balancing, Human Flag and Back Lever


Strength & Play Workshop, 1-3.30pm


During this workshop you will be guided through simple yet progressive steps to help you on your calisthenics journey. From clutch flags to elbow levers, single arm variations including archer and typewrite push and pull ups. We will be challenging the core with dragon flag progressions, superman push ups and forearm stands!

This workshop can cater for all levels and abilities. Whether you’ve already completed on one of School of Calisthenics ‘Beginner Workshops’ or have got the basic push and pull ups nailed. Or you may have even been to a Progressions workshop and want to bring a bit of variety into your training as you work towards some of the more challenging skills and movements.

Throughout the workshop there will also be time to allow you to ‘pick the brains’ of the School of Calisthenics Tutors, asking any calisthenics questions you may have on exercise progressions, programming, your personal areas of development… or anything else. This is an opportunity not to be missed!