Making sure you eat the right thing to support you is important, but it's not easy to know what to eat or to stick to it! 

Our comprehensive advice and guidance about healthy eating along with recipes help to take the confusion out. We explain, in simple terms, what is right for you to eat given your activity levels, current weight, body composition and your goals. 

I’ve lost over a stone in 6 weeks, I’m now maintaining my weight, feeling stronger and my overall health and fitness have dramatically improved since I started working with Ross
— Denise, 47


How it works?

Our nutrition and meal plans work well with online training programmes. All our personal training packages include a nutritional guide but your plans are much more in-depth, ensuring you know how to make those healthy diet shifts and have the support to maintain them. If you have the exercise under control and just want to work on the diet then we can also help. 

Additional nutritional consultation and personalised meal plans start at £50