Some of our clients contact us with lots of questions before they start. Others are too nervous to contact us, put off by the following questions. Read on to ease your mind and feel safe that you are in the hands of professional personal trainers who have your best interest in mind.


Do you have to be fit to have a personal trainer?

No! not at all, most people look for a personal trainer because they want to get fitter and/or loose weight or want to progress in their sport/fitness level. Everyone is treated as an individual.Your training plan is bespoke to you, your ability level, your routine, likes, dis-likes and goals.  Besides the training plan we will be offering motivation, guidance and professional support to ensure you are doing the right kind of exercises to achieve your goals,safely.


What are the benefits of having a personal trainer?

When working out on your own it is common to repeat the same exercises every session and to not push yourself as much as you are able. This easily gets boring, results aren't achieved and many people find they lose interest quickly as they start to plateau. A personal trainer is a qualified professional who understands how to plan fitness sessions that will challenge your body to the correct amount, You will 100% get better results with a training plan that is specific to you. Your plan will be progressive making sure you don't get stuck on a "plateau" and keep things varied so that you don't get bored, you'll learn new skills and exercise types and as much advise on nutrition as you need. Many people also find that a personal trainer will hold them accountable, ensuring that they don't skip workouts or slack off!


Will a personal trainer help me to lose weight?

A personal trainer will guide you on what to eat and how to exercise so that you are making healthier choices. It is our job to encourage you, keep you accountable and to help you find that intrinsic motivation that will keep you on the right track. However no amount of exercise can out-run a bad diet. A personal trainer can definitely help you to lose weight, if you are willing to make those lifestyle changes and put the time in at the gym!

How often should I exercise?

According to NHS guidelines, to stay healthy adults aged 19-64 should try to be active daily. On average, we should aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise 5 times a week (eg. cycling and fast walking). It is also advised to do strength exercises that work the major muscles at least 2 days a week. If the exercise is more vigorous then less time is needed, and a good rule is that one minute of vigorous activity provides the same health benefits as two minutes of moderate activity.

However it depends on your goals, clearly if you want to enter into a body building competition or run a marathon the above will not be enough. Your training must be specif to your goals.


Where do personal training sessions take place?

The location of a PT session depends on the client and the trainer. Whilst some personal trainers work from a public gym, many people find these environments intimidating which is why they don't go to the gym! Most PT's are flexible and work from a few locations including private studios, public gyms/leisure centres, people's homes and outside. If you have a preference, discuss this with your trainer. We are happy to train you where you are most comfortable.but our base is a private functional fitness centre in Littlehampton, we are the resident fitness coaches at Bailiffscourt Hotel Spar and love getting outside to train. It's your choice.


What happens during a personal training session?

What you do during a personal training session will very much depend on your goals and fitness level. Generally a session will involve a dynamic warm up and mobilising specific to your workout. You will learn new skills or exercises and workout will have a theme, ie build strength or cardio or a combination depending on your goals and needs. We finish every session with stretching. 


Can I train with a friend or does it have to be 1:1? 

It is fine to train with a friend or partner and many people find this increases their motivation, encouraging them to turn up to the sessions and to push themselves that bit further - a little friendly competition is never a bad thing! We add a minimal supplement to the cost of our training packages if you would like to train with a partner, and can also arrange private small group sessions if there are a few of you.


Do you have to be qualified to be a personal trainer?

YES! Always make sure your trainer is properly qualified and insured and ask to meet them face to face in a public place.


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