The benefits of group exercise

benefits of group fitness

When you go to the gym, do you end up doing the same routine? Or do you get distracted before you even leave the house and put it off till tomorrow? It may well be time to find some fitness companions! 

From an industry perspective, group exercises refers to a fitness session coach by a qualified instructor. This can be anything from a yoga class to a running club. There are many benefits to taking part in group sessions, most notable the social interaction. Having others around helps to make exercise fun, and let's face it if we enjoy something we are more likely to carry on doing it.

When it comes to working out on your own it can be difficult to keep the momentum up. Whether it's a personal trainer that you feel accountable to, a workout buddy or an exercise group, having other people around is one of the biggest motivators that often prevents you from falling off the fitness wagon.  It also encourages you to push yourself further and get more out of your workout. 

Group exercise lets you be guided by the expert, taking part in safely constructed, balanced fitness sessions that will really help you to get results. Going to the gym is one thing, knowing what to do when you are there is another! Sessions allow you to switch off as you are told what to do, which for many can be more relaxing. It can also give you ideas to then take back into your gym or home workout and do yourself. 

For many, exercising on your own gets boring. Without a constant supply of new workouts or running routes your own sessions can quickly become repetitive. It is easy to reach a plateau if you are not varying what you are doing in the gym and you soon find you are doing the same workout each time and yet seeing no weight loss or muscle gain. Classes help to overcome this as they should be carefully programmed to help you to develop. 

Whilst we do a lot of 1:1 sessions at Inergise Training, we also love working with groups and seeing the enjoyment it brings people. Above all, it is an affordable way to get a professional service, sharing this with others. With group fitness sessions running in Worthing, Littlehampton, Arundel and Horsham plus the option of creating your own group with some friends, there is no excuse not to join us!