Making the most of the great outdoors - the benefits of outdoor exercise

As the sun finally starts to appear it's time to head outdoors again! We love training outside, it makes us feel so much more energised than being inside an air-conditioned room with equipment buzzing.

There are so many benefits to training outside including fresh air and vitamin D, something we don't get that much and really need to make the most of! Outdoor workouts can be far more adventurous and creative than inside a gym. From sprints up the beach to step ups on a bench, using our surroundings to help us get fit can remind us how easy and simple it is. It also helps us to appreciate where we are and actually take the time to enjoy it. 

When the weather isn't so good (because let's be honest, this is the UK) working out in the rain and wind also has it's benefits. Sometimes it feels like a massive challenge just to put your trainers on. The feeling of achievement when you get home from a run or workout, or even a bootcamp, is amazing. Tired, muddy, wet, you know you've put the effort in and that's what will get you the results. It's not always meant to be easy, but these moments remind us how strong we are! 

With the rise in popularity of mud runs and assault courses, outdoor group fitness sessions have also become appealing. Working out in a group has it's own pluses - camaraderie really helps you to work harder, as does a bit of friendly competition. Whilst solo exercising can help you to switch off, group classes are often a lot of fun! 

So what are you waiting for? Get outside and get active! Our Fit Club is starting up again in Horsham in May, with a special option for the youngsters too. Contact us now to book your spot, or to bring a session to a group near you.