Marathon Survival Guide

After 6 months of training the Brighton Marathon finally arrived. The sun was shining and spirits were high as 11,000 enthusiastic runners took to the streets of Brighton. Despite the adrenaline, sweets and energy gels, it still remains one of the most physically challenging things to do. Here's what we have learned:


Correct Shoes - one of the most important things! Over short distances perhaps it doesn't matter so much, but by 20 miles the body is tired and any imbalance will be magnified. Correct trainers will help to minimise the effects of this. 

Hydrate - an obvious one! Remembering to hydrate the night before is just as important as throughout the race. You don't need to carry water, there are loads of watering holes along the way. Always check out the course map and were the refueling stations are.

Fuel - stocking up on energy again will ensure you are ready when the gun fires. Energy gels and blocks help to give you an extra boost, but it's no use starting on empty, Carb up with an early dinner the night before.

Electrolytes - often over looked, electrolytes can become depleted during an event such as a marathon. As well as hydrating, be sure to take in salts with your dinner the night before and during the marathon- the more salty your sweat the more you need to think about this. many fall victim to cramps due to depleted electrolyte levels!

Decide on your goal - whether this is to finish in a certain time, or just to finish! Are you running with someone to help them along or are you competing for yourself? It can be more challenging to go at a slower pace, especially if you are very competitive! 

Listen to your body - pain is there for a reason. If you have an injury or area of your body that you are cautious of, make a decision before the race as to how you are going to deal with any pain that may arise. Some people may be able to push through, some may not. 

Post marathon - stretch, rest and recover. A marathon is very demanding on the body and the joints. You may find your energy levels low a day or two after, so it's wise to plan a slow few days. 

Marathons, assault courses, mud runs, triathalons, hikes... we set ourselves challenges in order to know that we can accomplish them. The feeling upon completion is one of the biggest highs, reminding us how strong we actually are. They can build confidence in so many other areas of our lives. We love helping people to achieve these goals and having been through it ourselves we know how it feels - the mental barriers, the fear, the smiles, the sweat. 

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