Marathon Training top ten tips!


Having an event to train for is a great way to stay focused and give yourself a goal. For this reason we decided to train for the Brighton Marathon in the Autumn, which has definitely kept us fit and active over the winter. It has also resulted in A LOT of running over the last few months, so we thought we'd share our top training tips:

  •  STRETCH, stretch & stretch! This will help prevent injury and aid recovery
  • if it hurts STOP- you're better off having one rubbish run than not walking for a few days! 
  • get your NUTRITION right, especially carb/protein ratio
  • amino acids - they are great for super recovery! We definitely prefer to eat actual food, but when you are training this much you may need the extra support
  • RUN as much as you can and then some more. Add some short faster runs, hills, sprints etc... But don't forget to CROSS TRAIN too! 
  • SLEEP - lots of it
  • have a training PARTNER and a PLAN
  • wear correct TRAINERS for you and your feet
  • BREATHE correctly- inhale or exhale as your foot steps down
  • remember WHY you are doing it!!

And most importantly, ENJOY!!