30 days to FIT! 

Do you want to feel more energised, more confident in your body, stronger, fitter, leaner...? Who doesn't! Join us on this epic 30 day journey, guaranteed to turn your health and fitness around. 

Each month we will be coaching just 4 people through our carefully designed programme that includes:

2 personal training sessions a week

The series of workouts will progressively activate your body the way you need it to. Focusing on cardio initially, you will develop strength through resistance training, burn fat with HIIT and allow your adrenals to recover through a proper cool down and stretch.

personal training

1 group bootcamp session a week

Workout with a squad! There are so many benefits to exercising with others, from the friendly competition to constant support of your team mates. Bootcamp sessions are varied, functional, challenging and always fun!

group fitness bootcamp

Full meal plan and nutritional guidance

Our meal plans are simple and comprehensive - there are no powders or magic potions that we will offer you as we believe in the power of actual FOOD! However, you will be asked to cut out all the naughties, including refined sugar, alcohol and processed foods.

nutrition; weight loss; healthy; wholefood; diet

Personalised home workout plan

You will also receive easy to follow home workouts to keep you active every day. These will be tailored to your exercise likes and specific goals, requiring minimal equipment so that you can do them anytime, anywhere - there is no excuse! 

home workout; fitness; programme; weight loss

1:1 coaching support

Coaching support will allow you to discuss any concerns, barriers or blocks that have prevented you from achieving your goals before, working on your positive mental attitude in order to ensure you succeed with us! 

coaching; life coaching; fitness; goals; succeed; weightloss

Investment: usually £450, we are offering this package for £325, available for just 4 motivated people to join us on. 

This is a journey to a new way of living, a chance to break old, stale habits and begin new, healthy ones. Contact us now & take the first step on that journey!