Personal Training

We work with you to design a personal programme, taking into account your likes, dislikes, current level of health and fitness. Share your vision with us and we'll help you break it down into your SMART goals and show you how to achieve them. We'll cover everything from nutrition and mindset and cardio fitness, strength and flexibility. You can train individually, with a partner or as a small group.

As well as training at your home, out doors or at our central Worthing studio, we also work from the exclusive Bailiffscourt Hotel & Spa, Climping and Peak Performance, Littlehampton

Since starting to train with Nathalie and Ross I have become significantly fitter, stronger and even lost several kilo’s in weight. I thoroughly enjoy the sessions, feel much healthier and energised.
— Rosie Leach


Specific: Personal training is just that; personal to you and focused on you achieving the things you set out to achieve. The body adapts according to the work it does, so making sure you are doing the right kind of exercise is really important. 

Motivate: The body starts to change when it is placed under reasonable stress, but sometimes it's hard to push yourself do this on your own, and that's where we come in! We offer you a path to follow and encourage you when you feel like giving up.

Educate: We like to educate as well as train, and ensure that the skills you learn throughout your training sessions can be carried through into your life. 


What do we offer? 

We realise that personal training is just that - personal - so we create bespoke packages to suit your needs. Our backgrounds in martial arts and yoga, therapeutic care and restorative fitness also allow us to add a unique touch to your training, whether this be a focus on reducing body fat , increasing strength, Kickboxing and self defence or stress reduction and Yoga. You can add a session to a package or substitute a PT session for something else. We offer a free initial consultation so take the first step and get in touch now.

Packages are based around the following outlines, tweaked to suit you, and we offer 1:1, couples and small group sessions. All courses are sold in 4, 6 or 10 week blocks. 

Gold:     Initial consultation and body analysis  + 4x PT sessions a week + Nutritional advice and meal plan + Home workout support + Phone and email support + bi-weekly review session and weekly check in. Prices start from £175 a week.

Silver:   Initial consultation and body analysis  + 2x PT sessions a week + Calorific recommendations + bi-weekly review session. Prices start from £70 a week. 

Bronze:  Initial consultation and body analysis  + 1x PT sessions a week + Calorific recommendations + bi-weekly review session. Prices start from £35 a week. 


Small Group Training:   Training in a group is a great way to keep the cost down and help to create a sense of team spirit which can increase motivation. It's also brilliant for accountability as your friends won't let you get away with skipping a session. As with all our packages, please feel free to contact us to arrange an initial consultation.


Online Training:   If you feel that you have the motivation to exercise on your own, or perhaps spend a lot of time away from home with work, then a personalised training plan is the answer. We eliminate the moments when you walk into the gym not quite sure what to do, head to the treadmill then do a few sit ups! Our online packages start from just £40 a month, with skype, phone and email support throughout.

As well as running sessions in the comfort of your home or outdoors we are also the in-house personal trainers for Bailiffscourt Hotel & Spa and Peak Performance, Littlehampton. We are able to arrange sessions for you in any of these locations. 


Personal Training At Bailiffscourt Hotel & Spa, Climping

Bailiffscourt Spa is a luxurious retreat set in delightful gardens and just a short walk from Climping Beach. It's superb facilities include a state-of-the-art gym, outdoor 'infinity' pool and tennis courts, relaxation areas and calming treatment rooms. 

As the in-house personal trainers we offer bespoke packages to members of the spa as well as guests, making the most of the quiet gym and beautiful outdoor setting. 


peak performance littlehampton

We offer personal training at Peak Performance private gym in Littlehampton. Train in a friendly environment, away from the crowds, with a coach dedicated to helping you not only look but feel great. With a focus on functional training, the open space at The Peak is great for any workout. 

Book now for our intro offer : 2 sessions for £40