Healthy Communities in West Sussex

With backgrounds in education, health and social care it seemed like a natural step to take our fitness into the community. We regularly run programmes in schools, youth groups, children's homes, community and support groups. These are funded where possible, and we have successfully worked with local County Sports Partnerships to run Sportivate projects for over 5 years, helping to get young people active. 

Fitness & Wellness sessions in the Community

Fitness Sessions: tailored to suit the needs and interests of the group including training for a sporting event such as a fun run. We use the natural environment as much as possible, offering affordable alternatives to the gym.

Yoga & Mindful Movement: Gentle movement encouraging a sense of connection to the body, relaxation and stress reduction. It is also a great bridge to more challenging exercise as confidence and fitness increases.  Sessions can be carried out in chairs if required, 

Health Checks: giving people an indication of their health levels and a basic action plan to improve this. 

One off sessions & courses:

You are what you eat: breaking down the major food groups and giving people an insight into the right things to eat, in what quantity and when. Tips on healthy eating on a budget, replacing sugar and cooking food as well as recipes to enjoy. 

Re-shape your life: a crash course in how to build fitness into your daily life, making it accessible to all. We offer a series of health hacks to get people thinking about ways to improve their fitness without it feeling overwhelming. It is a big step to go from nothing to exercising 5 times a week, so the emphasis with this is getting people to feel like it is part of their routine. 

Re-balance your life: life is stressful! There's no way around this, but learning how to manage this stress is something that we all need a reminder of. Whilst yoga, relaxation and even exercise  are not a cure, in a safe and supportive environment they can be tools to help people cope with their situation. Having worked extensively with young people with multiple challenges we are trained and experienced in handling the issues that can arise during such sessions. 


All staff are fully DBS checked, first aid qualified and have insurance. Further qualifications in working with children, young people and vulnerable groups allow us to adapt sessions to suit the needs of our clients in a safe way.